Website for Imorex-Port International

Who is Imorex-Port International

Imorex-Port is a new business established by a small team of entrepreneurs with experience in import and export and who have a passion for assuring integrity in business.




Saskatoon, SK


What we did

Project goal

To design a landing page that incorporates aspects of Imorex-Port’s future business ventures using clean design.


We created a one-page landing page that can easily be expanded upon as the business grows.

We use design to help companies establish legitimacy, quality, and integrity; Imorex-Port’s website was no different.

The website incorporates a selection of images that represent what Imorex-Port will begin to import as it moves forward; these images support the minimalist design while providing clues to the client about the company’s nature-centric commodities in which they wish to trade.


Key site features

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