Website for Hudson Bay Distillers

Who is Hudson Bay Distillers

Hudson Bay Distillers is a family-owned distillery that produces non-carbonated coolers in addition to a signature vodka.


Food & Beverage


Landis, SK



What we did

Project goal

To use the company’s existing logo to establish a unique brand identity for use online, and to design a simple yet functional eCommerce website with minimal maintenance requirements.


We created a small, easy-to-navigate eCommerce website that proudly displays the product line using a simple layout and unique dark-and-light palette combination.

It has a minimalistic design with pops of bright blue, drawing the eye to key information and putting the product line front and centre.

The written content builds trust around the company and its founders by establishing it as a small-town distillery with a big heart.

The website is easy to use, manage, and scale. Built on Shopify, it is completely integrated with eCommerce.


Key site features

Key eCommerce features

Project Gallery

Tools Used

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