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Who is BizAcademi Training Inc

BizAcademi is a business development company that provides coaching and courses that teach entrepreneurs how to create, manage, and grow their own successful businesses without frustration, confusion, and stress.


Business Development


Saskatoon, SK


What we did

Project goal

To design a modern, fresh, and informative eCommerce website that engages and inspires people to learn how to build, grow, and manage their business through articles, consulting, and online courses hosted on the company’s platform.


We’ve created a beautiful, information-rich website that’s easy to use.

It has a minimalistic design with highly engaging content and calls to action. The website builds trust around the company and its founders, positions itself in the market as a small, approachable company with years of experience, and encourages visitors to interact with its online resources and courses.

The website is easy to use, manage, and scale, and is completely integrated with email, eCommerce, and membership platforms, reducing administration, development, and design costs.


Key site features

Key eCommerce features

Key membership features

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Tools Used

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